Warriors: Summer Blizzards

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CH 1 PG 16
CH 1 PG 16

When red and orange blazes fly, and bring Dangers from places beyond the sky, Look for the cat born of ice with a misguided heart... Or else his clan will be torn apart. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Arcticpaw, Lilypaw, and Skypaw are seemingly ordinary Thunderclan apprentices who want nothing more than to be the very best cats in their clan! To be helpful, heroic, brave, and everything else great! However, Fate dosent always agree with people, does it? See the adventures of these three Apprentices on their path to greatness through Arcticpaw's eyes, in volume 1 of this fan comic, Summer Blizzards! This comic is inspired and based on Erin Hunter's Warriors book series, which I do not own, and I reccomend if you haven't read it already. It Updates on no particular schedule :P


June 11th, 2017, 7:03 pm


Warriors: Summer Blizzards launches!

Today marks the momentous date of the launch of Warriors: Summer Blizzards! Comics coming soon!


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